Slow start, but a SOLID finish!

So, my FIRST goes off at 7:30am, and got shut off. My SECOND alarm went off at 8am, and I shut it off. BUT I FAILED TO WAKE UP. Once I did wake up, my clock said 10:10am, and I had to leave for class at 11:30am. This means: NO MORNING GYM TIME 😦 UGH!

So, I simply thought “Fortunately, I get out of class at 6:30pm. I will bring a snack and hit the gym after!”

I grabbed a couple cups of coffee and made some breakfast:

The ingrediants for an AMAZING breakfast!


Classes were crazy. I just want this semester to be FINISHED! I brought a few things to snack on in case I went into a hunger coma while in class and needed some sugaaa to energize me!

Yummy snacks; I only ate the banana though.

I wasn’t hungry during class && just wanted the banana to fuel up for an AWESOME workout!

CARDIO feels SOOOO good. I’m not sure why, but it really feels great to get those endorphines pumpin!

My parents saved me some of their veggies they made for their dinner (how they knew I was craving veggies post-workout, I will never figure out!)

The appetizer:

Roasted Asparagus on a bed of broccoli & squash!

Tonight I just REALLY wanted some veggies!!! I always eat a protein snack at night, and because this meal was at 8pm, I kept it light:

Peas, carrots, corn, lima beans, and green beans 🙂


Now, off to make a yogurt snack and work on some art for my class tomorrow!





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2 responses to “Slow start, but a SOLID finish!

  1. hey girlie!!
    thank you for the well wishes about my eyeballs! 🙂 I hope you’ve been having a great week! LOVE the veggies! ~xoxo!

  2. true that-cardio feels SO GOOD!! I love it! love having those endorphins FLOWIN!!

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