Camera = MIA!

Someone has STOLEN my camera 😦

I’ve had a YUCKY virus for the past few days.. fever, sore throat, aches, YUCK!

BUT I’m mostly better, and TOTALLY stressing about school stuff. THE END OF THE YEAR IS SO SOON!

I can’t wait to get through these past next few weeks! UGH!

BOOORRRINGGGG post, but I figured a boring post is better than NO post!

I NEED TO MAKE A LISTS for: – goals  – to do  – to stop  – assignments due  



1) I want to get a couple of protein powders this Sunday, and I’m debating whether to get a Whey protein OR a Vegan Protein OR a Brown Rice protein… Hmm… My goal is to lean up but not to BULK up!

2) What is YOUR favorite night time snack???


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One response to “Camera = MIA!

  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog girl!!!
    As for the protein powder, I’m also wondering the same thing. The Jay Robb’s that I had was really good! But then again, it’s the only protein powder i’ve ever tried haha
    I hope you feel better!

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