The day of the strokes.

Today was a day that was WONDERFUL and TERRIBLE all at the same time.

I am a FIRM believer in BAD news first, followed by the GOOD because it’s important to end on a HAPPY note when possible.


-I found out my dad’s good friend passed away from heart failure this afternoon.

– I found out my aunt had a stroke this evening.


1. Doing my business hw within 30 minutes of waking up (with only 1 cup of coffee pumpin in me, might I add!)

2. Cleaned my room, and decided to take some time to calm down after yesterday and work on my wall painting:

A cherry blossom tree- in the making!

3. BEAUTIFUL SUNNY 75 deg. weather/Found a shirt that I’ve been looking for/I fit in my old Hollister capris!

Bunched up middle because it can be worn as a SHORT dress!

4. I made a YUMMY new concoction in 15 min for dinner in between class that was SOOO GOOD:

Sweet n’ Spicy Sunshine Burger!

Recipe: 1 Morning Star Spicy Black Bean burger, sauteed red orange & yellow peppers, onion, 1 TB low sodium Terryaki sauce. MMMMMMMMM!

5. Improved in my art class using charcoal! I HATE CHARCOAL. Such an icky feeling on my hands, totally creeps me out. I like pencil/paint/pastels/etc. Here are a couple examples of my work:

An ELEPLUNK 🙂 a still-life done in pencil.

Colored pencils & yucky charcoal.


 I want to join a challenge to achieve my fitness goal, but I’m not sure what yet… hm…




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4 responses to “The day of the strokes.

  1. Can’t wait to see the tree! Your outfit looks great! So does all your art 🙂

  2. Sweet and Spicy sunshine burger?? I didn’t know those existed!

    And you look adorable!

    • Haha they don’t, just Spicy Black Bean burger with 1 TB of low sodium Terryaki on sweet peppers = Sweet n’ Spicy Concoction! But wouldn’t a sweet n’ spicy burger be good?!?! P.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!

  3. elephants are my favourite animal!! i looooove that picture!!

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