The day of rest.

Everyone says sunday is the day of rest… so that’s exactly what I did!

I had COFFEE šŸ™‚ did some cleaning to work up my appetite for breakfast:


1/4 c oatmeal, 1/2 cup egg whites, 1 TB WCW pb, raisins, suncrystals = MMMMMMMMMM!


Raw lunch for me today!

1 sweet potato + squash, zuccini, onion medely = YUM! Except I couldn’t eat it all because I added too much pepper and it set me on FIRE! wheewwwww.

My sister and I went to the grocery store && ran errands. Somehow we spent $250 at the store (JEEZE!) You could definately tell that we healthy eaters when half the cart is produce alone. I snapped a shot of a few protein bars to add to the collection in my car to eat at work since I need a lot of energy to run around:

All on my zebra bed šŸ™‚

I already have a few Luna Bars in there, so these will be a nice add on. I always bring a fruit or veggie to pair it with if I know I’ll be running around for several hours.

I watched the Blind Side with my family with some OATS! (w. Mighty Maple pb & cocoa) with strawberries and a pear.

Yea I definately bought Tofu, Temph, and Cottage Cheese for the first time. We’ll see how that goes. Gotta add in a little more protein to lean up! Maybe Ill get some Whey Protein tomorrow.. hmm…

THANKS FOR READING! Blogging is so much fun!




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5 responses to “The day of rest.

  1. Jasmine (Sweet and Fit)

    i love that you keep protein bars in your car – i need to keep a snack stash in there too

  2. Great to meet you Paige! šŸ™‚ Sounds like you have an excellent outlook on life and a healthy lifestyle. Can’t wait to keep reading!

    LOVE the sweet potato, and I totally know how the $$$$ can just disappear so easily shopping for groceries. šŸ˜‰

    Issues with your HP too??? What is your’s giving you trouble with? My CD/DVD disk drive is showing up under the “safely remove hardware” in the bottom right taskbar. SOOOO weird, and HP is ZERO help at all!


    • Thanks girl, I just LOVE your blog!

      Seriously?! My CD/DVD has NEVER worked from square one, but I don’t need to use it so I just forgot about it. Mine CONSTANTLY freezes up/wont shut down/IS SO LOUD. I hope you have luck with fixing yours && have a good night w/yoga,walking, and calc! (I love calc, and I have to do business hw so I wish we could trade, lol!)

      -Paige šŸ™‚

  3. mmm i ADORE those balance bars šŸ™‚ yay for days of rest! those are awesome!

  4. isn’t blogging so much fun?! thank you for your sweet comments on my blog!

    i LOVED the blind side, what a feel good movie! I saw it this past weekend šŸ™‚

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