Dead Camera :(

Well, today was PRETTY SWEET.

It started with this AMAZZZINGG coffee:

The usual cup of jo: coffee + skim milk + sun crystals

I LOVE suncrystals.. I usually always add it to coffee, yogurt, && oats. My goal is to use less though :/ VICE #1.

THEN MY CAMERA FREAKIN’ DIED, and me being the stupid idiot I am, couldn’t figure out how to charge it before I left for Starbucks. Thats right, STARBUCKS, NOT CLASS, STARBUCKS!!! Our group met there to rehearse for our project. Something I could toooootallllyyyy get used to!

I had a YUMMY Iced Skinny Carmel Latte @ the fabulous STARBUCKS. They should just be called BUCKS cause they are PRICAAAYYYY!

I then had a preworkout banana.


1 c. Total 0% + 1/2 c. peaches + 1/4 c. Fiber 1 + spices (cinnamon, suncrystals, van. extract)

Soooo YUM!!! 
Snack = An apple && coffee to-go before class number dos!
Dinner = Plate of salad w. 1 tbs fat-free italian dressing + mushroom veggie burger + bowl of cabbage! (Ill take a pic of the yummy pot of cabbage my dad makes. SO GOOD, SO HEALTHY, SO MMMMM!)

Chocolate Covered Raisin Oatmeal (my newest concoction!)

1/4 c. oatmeal + 1/2 c. eggwhites + 1 tbs. DCD pb + pinch of cocoa powder + suncrystals + raisins + 1 tsp. WCW pb = MY FAVORITE NIGHT-TIME OATS!!! && the NAME just makes it even better 🙂 I’ll have a prettier picture tomorrow!!
My day has been SWEEEEET!
WorkedOut  for an hour and a half (lifted for an hour + 20min stair climb!)
Two evening classes. I was FORSURE I bombed my english paper (my teach is known as an insane grader). I’ve never cried so much over a paper. I left a comment of the paper (which had to be FIVE PAGES, yuck.) saying “I had several panic attacks during this paper… I hope I PASSED!!!) She called me up in front of everyone (I’m the loser who sits in the back) and said “YOU HOPE YOU PASS?! THIS IS A WONDERFUL PAPER!!!” says the teacher who doesn’t believe anyone’s paper is worth an A.
Anyways, I’m going to finish a Nutrition Midterm. Woo!
Goodnight all 🙂


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4 responses to “Dead Camera :(

  1. glad you love my blog and please comment back if you do ever end up making the brownies 🙂

  2. YAY for nighttime oats! i adore chocolate oaties-my fav girl!

  3. katie

    hey! where do you go to school? whatcha studying?

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