Coffee Addict.

So, because I am new to blogging… I kinda forgot to take picture of what I ate after breakfast :/

BUT I’m headed on the right track!

Coffee + banana = STUDY FUEL!   +  Breakfast: 1 c. Fage 0% + CRS* + peaches + a sprinkle of Fiber 1 + cinn + sun   crystal packet + van. extract = PEACH COBBLER FOR BREAKFAST 😀 Soooo yummy && so good for you!

* CRS = Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter 😀

Lunch = salad with a sprinkly of chickpeas + a sweet potato

Pre-Workout Fuel = Cookie Dough Balance Bar (first try)

Post workout/dinner = OATS! Ill show you a picture of my next oatmeal concoction!

Alrighty, well I’m going to go meet up with my group, and begin my day! Ill post a FULL  day tonight!



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3 responses to “Coffee Addict.

  1. ooo love oats as post workout dinners! YUM!

  2. katie

    hey i was wondering how you recovered? did you seel treatment? also, are u following a meal plan? love ur blog!

    • Hi Katie! I did not go into treatment, it took me a year to recover on my own (it was SO hard, but possible). I dont follow a meal plan; I eat whole, natural foods and exercise. Recovery doesn’t = fat! It is so possible to eat normally, exercise, and be thin! If you are trying to recover, HAVE FAITH, it IS possible 🙂 once I get my blog rollin more, you’ll be able to see what I typically eat now. Life is so much happier ED FREE! 😀 Thanks for your comment!!

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