I hate the rain.

Allow my to introduce myself… I’M PAIGE!
There is a bunch of info in my ABOUT ME so check it out!

So lets start!

Eating healthy and exercising is what I LOVE to do. I’m 5 foot 5 and I’m working at achieving my fitness goal by May/June (I don’t have far to go!) Becoming more lean would be an awesome goal 😀

Today =

8am- woke up, consumed 2 cups of coffee + 1 banana (pre workout)

930am-11am- strength training + 20 min cardio torch session

1130am- OATMEAL (w. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl pb, egg whites, sun crytals) + an apple


3pm- a sweet potato + brussel sprouts + kale chips +(dessert ->) 1/2 fage yogurt + a few peach slices

6pm- coffee

720 pm- salad + small whole grain low fat tortilla pizza

1020pm- small bowl oatmeal with Dark Chocolate Dreams, egg whites, raisins

TODAY felt like the weirdest day though. The rain seems to change my mood.

Whoever read this first blog, I’m sorry it SUCKS!

Goodnight Bloggers!


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